Dear Queer Body Love community,

I have a holiday gift for you that I'm really excited to share with you!

Guidance to feel held as you SOFTEN. Specifically, a 12 minute audio recording (transcript coming soon) of me guiding you to get cozy and soften. Think of it as your own mini vacation with yourself. Support to be in stillness with yourself.

I'm all about softening lately (see my latest Instagram post or my latest 1-on-1 offering or my last virtual retreat).

And I know often that can feel really theoretical if you don't have ways to access it in your life right now (and working together doesn't feel right... if it does, certainly let me know by emailing me at elizabeth@elizabethjcooper.comand let's talk!).

And heck, even though I have a ton of tools at my disposal, I also love to be guided and feel held by something outside of myself.

So I wanted to offer to you a guided practice in softening.

The invitation is to wrap yourself in a blanket and really do whatever you want and need to do to get cozy.

You can download the raw version of this meditation for free by putting your name and email address in the box below. This will also subscribe you to the weekly Queer Body Love newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

I'll be tidying up the recording a bit and providing a simple worksheet to support the experience and offering that for sale soon.

If you have any feedback, my doors are open.

With much love and softness,


P.S. Photo of the blanket used is by Toshiyuki IMAI