We need each other.

Like, seriously. I really believe that.


Feel free to reach out when...

  • You are curious about whether my work might be a good support to you
  • You want to share an impact this work has had on your life (happy gratitude notes are definitely part of what feeds me!)

  • You have critical feedback to help me grow

  • You are a colleague who thinks we might be good referral partners

  • You know of an awesome person or project in alignment with what I’m doing

  • You want to collaborate in some way, shape or form

  • You have an opportunity for me to be on YOUR radio show, podcast, blog etc

  • You feel in alignment with my ideas and have a calling to be in touch, even if you don’t even quite know why just yet... ;)

My door is open.

I genuinely would love to hear from you and I will respond.

(Sometimes my email gets backlogged,
and I do promise that eventually I do respond to every email.)

you can reach me at

elizabeth @


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