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****FAVE! friends in SF going to the THIS IS WHAT I WANT performance art festival, which I co-produced the last few years.jpg




I am Elizabeth Cooper, and my deepest desire is for you to know that


My Queer Body Love coaching business emerged from this desire. I work with people one-on-one and in groups to help them shift their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves such that they can shine as their unique and beautiful selves.

QUEER BODY LOVE is my contribution to supporting a culture of enoughness.


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Unapologetically you


About Me

About Me


I'm a coach, an artist and a guide.


I hold the vision with you of feeling alive and free in your body.

I coach, lead courses and workshops, and facilitate retreats so that you can learn to live and embody your own liberation. I live in San Francisco, travel to present my work, and work virtually with clients all over the world.

I also do queer performance art. I interned, co-produced and performed in THIS IS WHAT I WANT, a queer performance art festival about desire in San Francisco, California, performing naked and blind in a horse head mask one year. Movement, dance and art have informed my healing process and how I work with people.


This is one of the ways we get free:  

We love ourselves, our bodies, and each other.

Elizabeth is really, really awesome. I just felt like she got it, she got me, even with such a difficult, sensitive, nuanced topic as thoughts/feelings around body image. She’s positive, encouraging, and compassionate.
— Adalyn Naka
me NYC fall 2016.jpg

My Philosophy

My Philosophy


I am committed to justice.

To that end, I am committed to anti-oppression.

I believe we need to heal as individuals and collectively from the ways in which our past and systems of oppression have hurt us.

I believe you and your body are worthy of love and respect.

I believe you are not broken for having shame about yourself and/or your body.

I believe it’s not your fault.

I believe it’s possible to heal.

I believe we can do it together, and that’s why I do this work.


My Approach

My Approach

Coaching + Meditation + Embodiment
+ Queer Theory + Fat Liberation =


I synthesize a whole range of lineages and methodologies into Queer Body Love.

In addition to my BA in anthropology, gender & sexuality studies and performance from Princeton, I’ve studied coaching with the Coach Training Institute; yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health; Antioch Buddhist Studies in India; and graduated from the Interdependence Project’s year-long secular, multi-lineage meditation teacher training.

Before, I would say “I love myself but I wish I was thinner.”
Today, I can proudly say that I love ALL the different bits of me (especially the parts I used to wish gone).
— Monica Robles
****FAVE! friends in SF going to the THIS IS WHAT I WANT performance art festival, which I co-produced the last few years.jpg

Why I Do This Work

Why I Do This Work


My Story

I’m a third-culture kid. When my family moved from Japan, my childhood home, to Brazil, my freshman year of high school, I felt alienated, particularly around my recently-discovered queerness and being one of the only American, non-Portuguese speakers in the school.

Borderline anorexia and workaholism -- trying to be the “perfect girl” -- were my coping mechanisms of choice.

Although I "succeeded" in my external goals, I felt disconnected from myself and others.

I knew I wanted to find peace within myself, but I didn't know how.

I sought freedom in all the ways I could.

I learned that the personal is political. Studying fat liberation, health at every size, feminism and queer theory at Princeton provided the conceptual frameworks for understanding the context of my personal struggles.

And still, knowing wasn't the same as actually shifting my experience within my mind and body. I knew I had outdated, hurtful ways of relating to my body and myself that were no longer serving me.

I applied that lens to my spiritual and personal development path. Yoga philosophy, movement practices, meditation and coaching at an intensive, residential semester-long program at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health provided the tools to do the personal work to heal.

I believe we need both -- consciousness raising and personal development -- to discover freedom.

Through working on both of these levels, I have developed a relationship with my body and myself that I couldn't have imagined.

I'm so grateful that through Queer Body Love I get to support others in finding peace as well.

You can read more about my story in an Elephant Journal article I wrote, Letting Go of Control: Healing my Eating Disorder by Embracing my Queerness.