I’m currently not accepting new clients or running any live or in person work, as I’m spending the year in a Buddhist monastic program at Gampo Abbey, where Pema Chödrön teaches. If you’re interested in retreats or in person work, feel free to email me at elizabeth @ elizabethjcooper.com so I can let you know when I do offer Queer Body Love work again. (Just please be patient, as I’m relatively offline for the year, particularly in the winter.)

In the meantime, feel free to access any of the digital offerings below, which are all immediately accessible and offered with open pricing (including a minimum suggested offering for the speaker series). Click on any of the icons to learn more. By purchasing these products and spreading the word, you support the sustainability of Queer Body Love :)


body love Meditation (FREE)

Click on the button above for a free 11 minute guided body love meditation. Password: youareworthy

Simple & Sweet
Guided Meditation

Be with yourself more lovingly through this cozy meditation. It's a permission slip to take 12 minutes for yourself without guilt. Transcript also available.

Interviews on Queer Body Love

Stories, ideas and inspiration for radically new ways of being with our bodies and ourselves.  As one listener wrote, “I want to listen to these videos over and over and over… it feels like freedom.”

2016 and 2017 series both available :)