Get the help you need to feel more empowered and confident through Queer Body Love coaching.

1-on-1 Queer Body Love Coaching

6 months of supported transformation through personalized coaching

If you feel uncomfortable within yourself and/or your body, and you’re wanting more ease and confidence, I can help you with that through 1-on-1, individualized, compassionate coaching.

I know what it’s like to try to control my body because fundamentally, I didn’t like myself (and specifically my queerness) and didn’t think I was worthy of love. I received an abundance of support, both intellectually and with the personal development tools, to ultimately feel empowered, free and loving, towards myself and others.

I got support, and I’d like to offer that to you. I will hold a brave, powerful space for your own healing and transformation. I’ve worked with clients as they’ve smashed scales, quit jobs, confidently started (queer) dating for the first time, came out as trans, recognized and shifted restrictive eating habits, and claimed what they’ve needed, in their relationships, work and life.


Elizabeth is really interested in meeting you exactly where you are, and is really interested in helping you determine what you need and helping you to be seen. Elizabeth is not interested in perfect work. Elizabeth wants you to show up just as you are, and maybe practice a new way to be.

- Emma

Choose yourself and I’ll support you. We can’t do it alone. I will hold an empowering space for you to step into your brilliance.

We are interdependent beings. Smashing the idea that we’re unworthy of support and jumping into prioritizing ourselves and our well being can be one of the most important first steps of change. Choosing to step into a coaching relationship can be one way of doing that.




Be Empowered



Be validated



Be challenged

... As the brilliant being that you are.

I know what it’s like to feel shame about my struggle. I often meet clients in their shame. I meet them with love and compassion. With kindness and curiosity, your shame can shift.

You can do what you’re yearning to do. You can express and be seen.

You can be unapologetically you.

Be validated and supported in exploring who you are and what you want and need in a space where your gender will be affirmed and your queerness celebrated. There will be room for you to unpack internalized fatphobia, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny and how all the isms have affected your self worth. Because that shit isn't real, but it can feel oh so real when we're experiencing it. No need to feel double shame. Let's look towards it with compassion so you can create your own narrative.


The most important thing folks should know about working with Elizabeth is to bring it.. whatever "it" is to you, fears, curiosity, deep desires.. the parts that you want to explore within yourself that you don't even know how to. Elizabeth has been present and open with love to see the parts of me that I don't yet understand and help me find my way home to myself.

— Emily

Support & Accountability so that self love becomes more than a pretty idea you scroll through on instagram

Here's how this works.

First, you’ll fill out the form below, I’ll get back to you, and we’ll set up a time to talk about where you are, what you’re looking for, and whether QBL support can meet your needs

Next, if you choose to work with me, here's how it will go:

  • We’ll kick off with a warm, in depth welcome! You'll have a packet of questions for you to reflect on where you are and what you want, paired with a 1.5 hour deep dive beginning session (or 3 hours for the VIP package), so that we can really design the six months to meet your needs & desires. 
  • Then, you'll be well-supported to do the challenging, brave work of becoming more aware of your patterns and shifting them, uncovering your particular flavor of Queer Body Love.

  • We'll continue the ongoing work with two 50 minute virtual coaching calls with me per month where you'll be exquisitely held with gentleness and coaching on next steps. You'll receive 3 guided meditation recordings that relate to main themes of QBL work.

  • In addition to support during our session time together, you'll have personalized homework to explore and work with the ideas between sessions so that you'll actually be feeling different in your body and your life.

  • With the VIP package, you can also share celebrations and receive support in between sessions, via email and through 6 "impulse" coaching calls.

  • We commit to work together for 6 months at a time, because this work is deep, and takes time. I sometimes have opportunities for shorter term engagements, which you can look for on my "Current Offerings" page.

  • There are two options -- the regular package is US $3,000, and the VIP package is US $5,000. Payment plans are available.

I can't wait to cheer you on and celebrate you on your path!


Together, we will hold a brave, queer focused and affirming space that’s oriented towards collective liberation as you do your personal healing.


possibilities from our work together

Monica Testimonial.png
  • Move from theory to action

  • Care for yourself with ease

  • Live from intuition

  • Clarify your needs and values

  • Embody your values

  • Increase your resilience

  • Increase your confidence

Imagine and live new possibilities for yourself and for us collectively.


Living in India, I found it difficult to explain my own self-doubt with respect to my queer identity, body, and sexuality with therapists in India who have quite narrow understandings of queerness as well as a health-focused perspective on fatness. I was filled with a lot of apathy and negativity also in relation to my politics as an upper caste fat queer person. I watched the Queer Body Love video series and became a member of the QBL Facebook community. I felt the perspectives shared on these videos were very refreshing in speaking to my individual issues around my queer body and identity while also connecting these issues to larger systemic issues in relation to race, fatphobia, and disability. But, I had had enough of conversations with myself and my computer. I needed someone to talk and share with who would support me in taking the steps I needed to take in letting my body take charge, particularly with someone whom I wouldn’t need to explain or justify myself to. That’s how I decided to work with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth believes and trusts your narrative. She enables you to vocalize your own self-doubt and challenge it as well as strengthens your capacity to name your own experience. She asks questions that keep you thinking, and she never loses focus on the reasons why you’re working with her. She’s a wonderful accountability partner. She makes sure that at the end of every session I have a few tasks to complete over the next couple of weeks that push me to face my fears or move an inch out of my comfort zone. For a procrastinator, or for someone who has found it easier to survive in a shell of a body rather than actually use it, this accountability was important.

I’d recommend Queer Body Love coaching to a friend by saying that even though six months seems rather short for changing a lifetime of stuck patterns, it works. It isn’t magic because it involves a lot of work and commitment towards oneself during which process Elizabeth is supportive and makes sure you don’t give up or lose track of your goals.

I have developed the “muscle” of listening to my body which I didn’t have earlier. My tendency was to avoid listening to my body or to avoid situations where my body didn’t want to be.

I am confident of who I am and am not plagued with self-doubt, guilt, shame, and negative self-talk. I believe I’ve developed resilience within myself as a result of working together.

I have greater enthusiasm for life and more direction in terms of what I want to do personally and professionally while remaining committed to my politics. I’m no longer in the mode of survival but have reconnected with my playful spirit and look forward to living and thriving in community.

-- Aditi



I came to Elizabeth for a single session with the following plea: “I have done so much work on my body image, my health and recovery, my gender, my feminism, yet I still I cry each time I read the description of one of your queer body love programmes. I’d like to know why.”

I was amazed that we got straight to the crux of it in one session. Weeks later it still feels like the last unsaid thing that was holding me back, and I’m so grateful to have had that space held for me by such a nourishing person. Thank you Elizabeth, til we meet again.
— Leo

The first step is to set up a time for a chat where you'll get a sense of what it would be like to work together and receive some coaching & personalized support on your next steps. If it seems like it would be a good fit to work together we'll talk about that. Regardless of whether you chose to work together, the time we spend together can be healing.


Questions? Want to chat about it? Email me at