Sonya Renee Taylor inspires me to no end.

Here’s a short excerpt from our conversation in 2017 about radical self love, specifically as it can impact organizational functioning:

"Oh! I have depression. I cannot get out of the bed. I cannot function. And I have a company to run right now and under every other framework that I've ever worked under or been taught under, you, you know, like, you don't tell people that. You either muddle through with it and figure it out or you take a leave of absence and go to a hole and deal with it by yourself. Right. However it is.

And in this case I was like, what does it look like to tell my entire staff exactly what is happening and then for us to co-create how the organization runs during this time. Mmhmm. And it was awesome! Like, we were like, okay! Well, so everything goes to half-time. We will run content that you, you know, we'll run old content... We created a plan that worked with where... I was. And we do that for all the things that come up for different folks on the team. And that, I was like, yes, that's a radical self-love framework by which I want to see organizations operate.”

If you’d like to check out the whole interview, you can purchase the series here.