Spring into Queer Pride Season*

Do you feel the budding energy of spring?

Do you feel the yearning to do/express/be something that's just underneath the surface?

Just like we need to water our plants, we also need to water our intentions and desires for them to grow. 

What does blossoming into Queer Body Love look like for you?

Only you can find out. And I would love to support your discovery, growth and unfurling through the next month of BLOSSOMING offerings.


*With respect and appreciation for our queer & trans ancestors, and especially the trans women of color who risked their lives in the historic Stonewall Riots, which set in motion LGBTQ Pride celebrations across the globe in June. 

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What kinds of intentions can you water?

Really all kinds!

It could be focusing on gentleness with yourself.

Writing that screenplay that's gathering dust on your mantle.

Asking that cutie you see all the time at the cafe out on a date.

Studying up on your queer revolutionary ancestors.

Reconnecting with your creative practice.

Meditating daily.

Not beating yourself up so damn much.

Breaking the habit of self-isolating when you're not feeling great.

Doing a social media experience audit so that it nourishes instead of drains you.


How will Blossom support you in watering your intentions?

We'll be working with the core Queer Body Love principles (listed below) as a guiding framework, as well as trying out specific tools to support the intentions you're watering through your thoughts and actions.

QBL Principles.png

BLOSSOMING is a new Queer Body Love offering that will support you deepening your connection to your intentions and follow through on what matters the most to you.



May 15 - June 5, 2018


FREE way to get a taste

7 days of Blossoming Invitations (email series), with welcome worksheet
(sign up anytime May 18 - May 29)

A free webinar on Saturday, May 26 (10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT), and spontaneous FB live meditations

2 Week Group experience

June 5 - June 19, 2018


Two payments of $190 or $380 in full



2 week group program, which includes:

1) Three group calls (Tuesdays, 5:30 - 7 pm PDT)
2) Four hour virtual retreat (Saturday, June 9th, 10 am to 2 pm PDT)
3) Pre-work, weekly assignments & closing ritual
4) Online group to interact with each other and me between sessions
5) Accountability buddies (if you want)


Cart opens to purchase soon!


Group + Individual Support

June 5 - June 19, 2018


Two payments of $250 or $500 in full

all that's in violet + an individual, personalized 50 minute nature mediation & coaching call and individual access to me via Slack

If you’re interested in more 1-on-1 coaching calls during the course of the program, there will be discounted options for you.


Cart opens to purchase soon!


Partial scholarships available for trans folks who would love to do this and financially cannot pay the full price thanks to generosity of a previous client — please email elizabeth@elizabethjcooper.com if you’re interested.

Not sure which one to pick? Feel free to email with you at elizabeth@elizabethjcooper.com and I'd be happy to chat with you about it.

Why do it?

Often Queer Body Love coaching programs are at least five or six months, and I don't know when I'll offer another short group like this one. It will be a fun, low-stress, short term way of committing to your own Queer Body Love journey, integrating theory into practice. You'll receive support both from me (Elizabeth) and the other awesome folks in the group so that your intentions can be well nourished :)


Want more details? Keep reading.


When you sign up for free, this is what you'll receive:

1) A 7 day Blossoming email series (absolutely free)

  • When you sign up in the box below, you'll receive a welcome email with three simple questions to help you connect with what intentions you'd like to water and nourish as we move into pride season.
  • The day after you sign up, you'll receive a 7 day email series with specific invitations to blossoming. These can take as little time as reading the email to plant that seed, so to speak. You can sign up anytime from May 18th until May 29th.

2) Free webinar -- learn about the core Queer Body Love principles behind Blossoming & connect with others  (you'll get the link to RSVP via email)

  • Saturday, May 26 (10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT)

3) FB Live Blossoming Meditations

I'm also going to lead a few FB live meditations, and if you sign up I'll email you with some advance notice (probably not much, as I'm planning on doing these when inspiration hits) so you can join live, or you can listen to them after.

Investment: free & you can put as much or as little as you'd like into this.

Transparency Note: when you sign up for the free offerings, I'll also be telling you about group. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If the time is right for you and you'd like additional structure, support and accountability to support your blossoming, join the two-week long group!

  • If you'd like to join a group container, you're welcome to join the paid group experience, where we'll have a smaller, ongoing group of folks who will become part of the irrigation system for your intentions.
  • How? We'll gather on Zoom for video calls -- three Tuesday nights (Americas time, for 1.5 hours) and one Saturday for a virtual retreat (four hours). I'll teach a bit, guide us in some meditation, offer prompts for reflection, which we'll do via journaling and small group discussions, and we'll close by sharing our intentions for the upcoming week.
  • If you'd like a buddy to connect with between calls, we'll make that happen and it will build a stronger container.
  • In between each group call, there will be a slack group where you can share celebrations / stuck points with other folks who share a similar orientation towards nourishing queer brilliance.
  • We'll close out the group June 19th and celebrate the heck out of whatever happened. There may be some teary eyes.

Investment: Two payments of $190 or $380 in full. In terms of time, I ask you come to all the group sessions, the virtual retreat, and show up for the assignments so that you can get support from me and the group on your intentions. In addition to the group calls (1.5 hours / week), I imagine you'll want to spend anywhere from a half hour to many hours nurturing your intention, depending on you.


Want some individual support in addition to the group? I got you.

With the Tulip package, you'll also get a 50 minute personalized nature blossoming meditation/ coaching session with me! These nature sessions (where we both go into nature for the call) have been delightful and I imagine would further support you.

Investment: Two payments of $250 or $500 in full. In terms of time, similarly to the violet package, I ask you come to all the group sessions, the virtual retreat, and show up for the assignments so that you can get support from me and the group on your intentions. In addition to the group calls (1.5 hours / week), I imagine you'll want to spend anywhere from a half hour to many hours nurturing your intention, depending on you. With this package you get individualized support, which doesn't necessarily mean you need to invest more time, simply that you get more support.

I'm so excited to hear about what you're working towards, and to support the heck out of you as you move towards it.

Queer Body Love Divider

Possible outcomes for you from blossoming :)

  • You call 3 friends, one after another, in a moment of crisis, both allowing yourself to have needs & knowing that they’re there for you
  • You took a class in something that you’ve been meaning to try for ages but haven’t because you’re too old / it’s too silly / etc etc etc
  • You look in the mirror and say damn, you look fine!
  • You look in the mirror, don’t feel right about what you see, and are ever so kind to yourself in that moment, smiling with compassion at the fact that you allowed yourself to notice the disconnection
  • You hear something said that doesn’t feel “right”, and instead of letting it slide you have enough resilience to intrude in the moment to share your thoughts, even though it feels fucking hard
  • You go onto social media and see art, ideas and stories that reflect your experience and inspire you
  • You find that magical accessory that feels so YOU and supports you shining bright in the world
  • You host a five course dinner party and feel well-nourished by the food, company and experience
  • You have a moment at work where you feel aligned & seen for what you bring & who you are
  • You go to sleep at night after a day of doing exactly what you want to do
  • You say no to something that is hard to say no to and feel the pride & relief at doing so
  • You feel that you are enough

My vision for our space together

I intend to create a space that is fertile for personal development from an anti-oppression framework. If your focus is feeling better in your life as a purely individualistic pursuit, there are a lot of other coaches and spaces for you. Here we're trying to do things a bit differently where we focus on self and collective healing, coming from the understanding of interdependence.

We'll be exploring beyond the binaries of right and wrong while also holding ourselves and each other accountable with love and gentleness. 

If you have thoughts or questions or want to chat about whether this will meet your needs, please feel free to email me at elizabeth@elizabethjcooper.com.