Thanks for coming here via Grace Quantock, perhaps through the Trailblazer Interview she did with me and shared in January 2018.

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In that conversation, we talked about being with our bodies gently and with kindness, and I have a meditation related to those themes, so I also wanted to share it with you specifically. Scroll down for more.

"When so many meditations and self-care practices are framed in aspirational terms, this is about being with your very human body in a kindly way, now. And that in itself is a beautiful, radical, potent and potentially more accessible act of resistance. It's a small, powerful, magical way to take the ideas we've talked about into your day and your world. "
-- Grace Quantock

You want to feel more ease in your own skin.

You want to feel more grounded.

It can be hard to take time for ourselves.

Hard to be nice to ourselves.

Here's simple and sweet guidance to be with yourself more lovingly.

It's a cozy meditation.

Unlike many other meditations, in this one, I encourage you to cozy up.

And then guide you so that the coziness leads to more presence and kindness in yourself and your body.

Allow yourself to feel held.

It's a permission slip to take 12 minutes for yourself without guilt.


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12 minute guided meditation

This meditation will help you soften into kindness with yourself and your body.

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  • Written guidance of the different phases


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  • 5 tips so that you’ll actually use this meditation
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