You're a badass queer human who struggles to really know and feel how amazing you are.

You're sick of the inside of your head sounding like a battleground.

You put others before yourself, second guess your decisions and/or judge your body.

You're ready for a change.

You're ready for QUEER BODY love.


Some potential symptoms of living in our society you might be experiencing:

– You feel uncomfortable in your body... you try not to think about it, but sometimes you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and do not like the emotions that come up.

– You feel trapped thinking about food all the freaking time, judging yourself as good or bad based on what you did or didn't eat.

– You feel self conscious... almost like you wish you could disappear. Perhaps about your gender. Perhaps about your presentation. Perhaps thinking about what others think of you. Sometimes this keeps you from going out to social events, even though you feel lonely and want to connect with others.

– You know that it's time to make a shift, even if that feels almost impossible to fathom.

– You want to say goodbye to anxiety, guilt and shame, freeing up your energy to live your life fully.


This is exactly what happens when we have the intellectual understanding of why radical self love is important, but not the tools or support to do the personal work.


I see you. I get it. And there’s a way out.