A different kind of before & after

Before, I would say “I love myself but I wish I was thinner.”

Today, I can proudly say that I love ALL the different bits of me (especially the parts I used to wish gone).

Before, my eyes would shoot down to the floor as my body would fill with embarrassment whenever I would hear the word “fat”.  

Today, I can say “yeah I’m fat. you better believe it” with a smile and sense of stability. I now, with pride identify with a word I thought was bad throughout childhood.

Before, I would get dressed as soon as I hopped out of a shower, dodging any reflective surfaces.

Today, I run late because I spend so much time air drying and winking at myself in the mirror.

Thanks to Elizabeth and her patient guidance, I feel whole and I have a strong foundation of respect for myself.
— Monica Robles