If you're landing on this page, I'm inviting you to participate in an open pricing experiment for one of my offerings. Thank you for being part of this process with me!

To support you in choosing your own price, I have some guidance & invitations.


As you chose your own price, I invite you to feel into what's right for you, as I did in my process for deciding on this payment method for this offering.

Get centered in your body and ask yourself what feels right.

I know that “asking” and “trusting” your body and yourself for a decision on an amount can bring up a lot and feel really difficult.

Learning to trust also involves falling down and getting back up - of “messing up” or following a decision that you think feels right in the moment, and which shifts.

Practice being compassionate with yourself in the process.

Give what feels right in this moment.

If asking your body as a compass feels good, do that.

Otherwise, just ask yourself what feels good in general.

Notice and connect with the idea that you are paying to both honor the value of what you’ll receive and also supporting me, the individual human who has created this product / is offering you this service. By supporting me, you support the sustainability of Queer Body Love.

I invite you to give from an energy of abundance.

What “abundance” looks like will be different for everybody. What I invite is that feeling that you're offering something that feels generous and nourishing for yourself and who you’re giving it to. Connect with the energy of offering and receiving.

Here are some other Queer Body Love principles & ideas I offer to you as you make your decision:

  • Approach it all as an experiment

  • Connect to your values and what’s important to you

  • Ask your body - or yourself, or your heart, or whatever aspect of yourself you feel most easily connected to - what feels good

  • Track your nervous system, do what’s helpful to calm your nervous system, and practice making decisions from that centered place

  • Know that learning to trust yourself and your body, especially when you’ve been trained to follow external formulas that are not your own, will be a process where you’ll fall down and get back up, again and again

  • Meet yourself and each moment with compassion and acceptance