I hosted the Queer Body Love Speaker Series in 2016 and 2017.

Choosing self-love isn’t an individualistic endeavor. We need each other. We need to hear and know that we are not alone in the struggle to love ourselves. We need possibility models, hope, inspiration and practical ideas and tools to support us in really committing to self-love.

Many people have told me that these interviews changed their lives.

With these interviews, we get to hear stories not often told about the complexities of learning to love ourselves and our bodies in a world which tells us not to.



You can buy either series separately, or both together. Both are offered with “open pricing,” which means you check in with your heart and body and chose the price that feels good to you.

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Purchasing both!

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All interviews from both years are offered in all three of their forms — video, audio, and with a written transcriptions. 2017 videos also have captions. Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who made this possible!

Below are descriptions of each year, and collages of all of the speakers.

In 2016 I conducted 29 different interviews, focusing on Health at Every Size, self love, movement, fat liberation, fashion and more! So many incredibly smart, amazing people sharing their wisdom. As one listener wrote, “I want to listen to these videos over and over and over… it feels like freedom.”


In 2017 I interviewed 14 queer and trans leaders about the question "How do we love ourselves, our bodies and each other in the face of oppression?" This year also includes a workbook to support you in digesting the interviews. (And some repeat guests who people just loved so much from 2016!)