We’re thrilled that you’ve joined us for the second annual Queer Body Love Speaker Series.

This form is intended to collect all the information we need from you in one fell swoop so that we can accurately represent you and promote your work in our marketing and summit materials, and to support Elizabeth in preparing for your interview.

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Feel free to copy & paste links here or send them to Elizabeth directly. She may not be able to get to all of them, and she can at least link them on your speaker page.
This project is a joint effort, and in order for everybody who speaks to get attention, we all have to do a part in promoting. I want to make sure I supply you with the resources that will help you, and I’m also looking for a commitment that you’ll help promote our event to your audience. The following section is to help us all get clear on what that will look like for you personally.
What do you want to commit to in terms of promoting your appearance at this event?(Please reach out to your most engaged platform & select at least 2 from the list below.) *
I will be sending a speaker packet with sample emails, social media posts, images and hashtags. And I’d be delighted to hear what else would be helpful for you. Are you somebody who likes reminders? Want to chat about your promotion strategy? Think you might know of somebody else who would want to help promote? I’m all ears of how to support you.
Your headshot for promotional use in this summit
Please send your headshot for promotional use in this summit to my assistant Dortha via email: virtual.dortha@gmail.com.
6/1 - 6/18 : pre-series promotion (concentration on day of launch, 6/1, would be great) 6/19 - 6/28 : series runs, 3 interviews released per day 6/29 - 6/30 : 48 hour replay period of all the interviews
If you’d like, there’s an opportunity for you to offer a free gift to our audience. How this works: you offer an awesome digital item for free. This provides extra value for the series and helps build your connection with the audience. If you have them opt in on your website to receive the item, it can help you grow your email list. If you have any questions about the suggested process for this, please ask. If you do not provide a free gift, we will simply post a link to your website. Suggested gifts include an ebook, a webinar, a video or audio recording, etc. We do not suggest using a free consultation as a gift or anything that requires listeners to email you directly for a digital or physical copy.
Next, it's time to schedule your interview! (if you haven't already)
Schedule your interview here: https://www.elizabethjcooper.com/qblss-2017-speakers-page. Interviews are being conducted May 17-30 and June 12-16, 2017. We'll be in touch within the next couple of weeks with copy and graphics for the promotion leading up to the summit.
If you have questions, please email Dortha at virtual.dortha@gmail.com and let me know how I can be of support. Thank you for your time, energy and expertise!