Sensorial Nature Sessions

Receive embodied guidance (meditation & coaching stimulating your own wisdom) while in nature on what to do regarding somewhere you feel stuck

Here's how these work:

  • We'll both be in nature (yes, being on your porch or in a park counts)
  • We'll both call into a conference line (so that you can get a recording to revisit if you'd like after)
  • You'll come with something you're yearning for internal guidance on -- a decision, somewhere you feel stuck, something you're wanting -- and share both that and a brief snapshot of where you are in that moment
  • I'll guide a meditation based on what you've shared, including invitations to connect with nature and your own inner guidance
  • I'll ask a few powerful coaching questions to connect the meditation / natureand your initial question
  • You'll walk away with a nugget to take with you -- a practice, clarity, a question, an experience, an experiment... -- and you'll receive an email invitation to report back how it integrated in your life in the week following
  • You'll also receive a recording of the session so you can use the meditation that was customized for you again

Time / Investment

  • 30 minutes, $75


I plan on offering these a few times in May and June, 2018.

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