1-on-1 Queer Body Love Coaching

dive in and be held & guided for 4 Months


soften with yourself so you can be strong in who you are

You read books, blogs etc critiquing cis het white patriarchy and envisioning new possibilities for how we can be with ourselves and each other (maybe The Body is Not An Apology, and/or Everyday Feminism), but like... how do you actually live into more radical self love?

In addition to inspiring you, more knowledge about how oppression infiltrates every aspect of our lives instills a sense of shame -- now not only do you see and feel it even more, but you're not sure how to live differently. You feel trapped.

You want to like - or even love - yourself and your body - and you feel confused, overwhelmed and tired even thinking about how to do it differently.

You’ve felt caught in this for so long, and while you know things need to be different, you’re not sure how.

You feel alone in your struggles and your shame.

You beat yourself up as if it might help, while knowing that it won't.

It's not about you, and it can feel different.


it's time for you to feel comfortable & confident
in your amazing queer body


You can, and helping you get there is exactly why I’ve created SOFTEN.

“Before, I would say “I love myself but I wish I was thinner.”

Today, I can proudly say that I love ALL the different bits of me (especially the parts I used to wish gone).

Before, my eyes would shoot down to the floor as my body would fill with embarrassment whenever I would hear the word “fat”.

Today, I can say “yeah I’m fat. you better believe it” with a smile and sense of stability. I now, with pride identify with a word I thought was bad throughout childhood.

Before, I would get dressed as soon as I hopped out of a shower, dodging any reflective surfaces.

Today, I run late because I spend so much time air drying and winking at myself in the mirror.

Thanks to Elizabeth and her patient guidance, I feel whole and I have a strong foundation of respect for myself.
— Monica Robles

Support & Accountability so that self love becomes
more than a pretty idea you scroll through on instagram


We’ll kick off with a warm, in depth welcome! You'll have a packet of questions for you to reflect on where you are and what you want, paired with a 2 hour deep dive beginning session (video or audio, your choice), so that we can really design the four months to meet your needs & desires.

Then, you'll be well-supported to do the challenging, brave work of becoming more aware of your patterns and shifting them, uncovering your particular flavor of Queer Body Love.

We'll continue the ongoing work with six 50 minute virtual coaching calls where you'll be exquisitely held with gentleness and coaching on next steps. 

In addition to support during our session time together, you'll have personalized homework to explore and work with the ideas between sessions so that you'll actually be feeling different in your body and your life, and you'll be able to share celebrations, ask questions and receive support at any time via email.

And, as cheesy as it may sound, I'll be holding you and your vision in my heart for the whole time we're working together.

Possible Outcomes of our work together:

  • Feel great naked
  • Eat without worry
  • Ease in saying no to what you don't want so you can say yes to what you do (in other words, prioritizing yourself)
  • Confidence in yourself as a powerful, resilient queer human
  • Listen (and follow!) the whispers of your heart -- your needs, your dreams, your desires
  • Feel supported instead of alone on this path
  • A fundamental shift towards more comfort about yourself and your body

You deserve to shine, feeling strong & beautiful, inside and out.

This is your moment. Sign up to talk to see how you could begin, deepen or solidify a sustainable shift towards radical self-love, once and for all.

I came to Elizabeth for a single session with the following plea: “I have done so much work on my body image, my health and recovery, my gender, my feminism, yet I still I cry each time I read the description of one of your queer body love programmes. I’d like to know why.”

I was amazed that we got straight to the crux of it in one session. Weeks later it still feels like the last unsaid thing that was holding me back, and I’m so grateful to have had that space held for me by such a nourishing person. Thank you Elizabeth, til we meet again.
— Leo

Here's what's included in SOFTEN to support you

over the course of 4 months of work together:


Welcome packet

3 hour deep dive initial session

Six 50 minute virtual coaching calls

Personalized homework

Email support

Recordings of all sessions

Co-discovered themes, anchoring phrases & pillars to support you



Monthly community calls for QBL clients

2017 Queer Body Love Speaker Series (all interviews & workbooks)




Price: $1500 paid in full

Payment Plan: initial payment of $500 and three payments of $375



Enrollment open through Friday, January 19, 2018

Start dates through the end of January 2018


Are you ready to SOFTEN into Queer Body Love?


The first step is to set up a time for a chat where you'll get a sense of what it would be like to work together and receive some coaching & personalized support on your next steps. If it seems like it would be a good fit to work together we'll talk about that. Regardless of whether you chose to work together, the time we spend together can be healing.


Questions? Want to chat about it? Email me at