SOFTEN & blossom
a week of free Queer Body Love Events

When? Sunday, July 28 - Saturday, August 3
free guided meditation, worksheet, daily emails for a week, online community & two webinars

Where? Online! So you can join from wherever in the world you have internet :)

Do you feel the budding energy of something growing in you?

Do you feel the yearning to do/express/be something that's just underneath the surface?

Just like we need to water our plants, we also need to water our intentions and desires for them to grow. 

Here’s what’s included in this FREE week of Queer Body Love events:

  • a 12 minute guided SOFTEN mediation (usually a paid product -- you’re welcome to donate here if you’d like)

  • a Blossoming worksheet

  • a 7 day email series with short & sweet invitations

  • an online “Soften & Blossom” FB community to share about your experience with these prompts

  • opening & closing webinars

BLOSSOMING Virtual Workshop.png

You’ll receive a welcome email immediately, and then I’ll be able to communicate with you to send you the worksheet and the FB group. The daily emails you’ll receive Sunday, July 28 - Saturday, August 3, and you’ll be able to do the invitations on your own time. The times for the online gatherings are below.

By signing up for this free offering, you also consent to receiving information about paid Queer Body Love offerings. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy, and you’re welcome to unsubscribe at any time :)

Online Gatherings to mark the beginning & ending of this week together :)

Opening Circle

Sunday, July 28, 2019

10 - 11 am PST
1 - 2 pm EST

Celebratory Closing

Saturday, August 3, 2019

10 - 11 am PST
1 - 2 pm EST

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These calls will be short, sweet and powerful. There will be invitations for you to participate to set yourself up for really soaking in the opportunities of the week, and integrating the week once it’s done. Even if you don’t do anything else they will still be valuable :)

We will hold them on an online video conferencing software called Zoom.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to engage. Various opportunities to be supported.

The most important thing is for you to commit to listening to yourself about what will most support you.

Maybe you have a lot of time and energy this week and you want to throw yourself fully into the material. Awesome! Maybe it’s a really full week, and you are able to take 10 mi

It could be taking advantage of ALL of the opportunities, letting it all come to you and just taking away one nugget that you really want to work with and integrate, or somewhere in between. It’s up to you how you engage!

By signing up for this free offering, you also consent to receiving information about paid Queer Body Love offerings. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy, and you’re welcome to unsubscribe at any time :)

Who is this for?

Sometimes, Queer Body Love hosts affinity spaces, meaning that the workshop or retreat is meant exclusively for folks who identify as queer. This particular offering will center queer folks, and is open to folks of all identities.

Why am I offering this for free?

Good question!

1) I’d love for as many people to have access to this opportunity and learn about QBL as possible.

2) I’m coming back to sharing more with Queer Body Love after almost a year of mostly being in my own process, so this seemed like a great way to break the ice, so to speak.

3) Queer Body Love is back in business, and accepting new clients! So I’ll share more about how you can work with me also. No pressure if it’s not the right fit / time / whatever for you, AND I want to give you a taste so you can see if perhaps it might be :)

Note: I will be going offline for a year as of mid October 2019, so these few months are the time to connect if you’d like to!


What kinds of intentions can you water?

Really all kinds!

It could be focusing on gentleness with yourself.

Writing that screenplay that's gathering dust on your mantle.

Asking that cutie you see all the time at the cafe out on a date.

Studying up on your queer revolutionary ancestors.

Reconnecting with your creative practice.

Meditating daily.

Not beating yourself up so damn much.

Breaking the habit of self-isolating when you're not feeling great.

Doing a social media experience audit so that it nourishes instead of drains you.


How will Blossom support you in watering your intentions?

We'll be working with the core Queer Body Love principles (listed below) as a guiding framework, as well as trying out specific tools to support the intentions you're watering through your thoughts and actions.

QBL Principles.png

SOFTEN & BLOSSOM will support you in relaxing, deepening your connection to your intentions, and following through on what matters the most to you.

Queer Body Love Divider

Possible outcomes for you from blossoming :)

  • You call 3 friends, one after another, in a moment of crisis, both allowing yourself to have needs & knowing that they’re there for you

  • You took a class in something that you’ve been meaning to try for ages but haven’t because you’re too old / it’s too silly / etc etc etc

  • You look in the mirror and say damn, you look fine!

  • You look in the mirror, don’t feel right about what you see, and are ever so kind to yourself in that moment, smiling with compassion at the fact that you allowed yourself to notice the disconnection

  • You hear something said that doesn’t feel “right”, and instead of letting it slide you have enough resilience to intrude in the moment to share your thoughts, even though it feels fucking hard

  • You go onto social media and see art, ideas and stories that reflect your experience and inspire you

  • You find that magical accessory that feels so YOU and supports you shining bright in the world

  • You host a five course dinner party and feel well-nourished by the food, company and experience

  • You have a moment at work where you feel aligned & seen for what you bring & who you are

  • You go to sleep at night after a day of doing exactly what you want to do

  • You say no to something that is hard to say no to and feel the pride & relief at doing so

  • You feel that you are enough

My vision for our VIRTUAL space together

I intend to create a space that is fertile for personal development from an anti-oppression framework. I am inspired by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship’s framework of “Block, Build, Be” — respecting that for our collective liberation, we need to be blocking harm, building alternatives and using contemplate practices to develop different ways of being.

We need to block internalized oppression, build nourishing relationships & communities, and be with the brilliance of our selves.

If you have thoughts or questions or want to chat about whether this will meet your needs, please feel free to email me at

By signing up for this free offering, you also consent to receiving information about paid Queer Body Love offerings. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy, and you’re welcome to unsubscribe at any time :)