Parallel Pomodoro Party!

Virtual Queer / Body / Sex Positive Coworking

  • We'll all login to zoom, a video conferencing software (you can download for free here)
  • I'll guide a mindfulness meditation to arrive & support decision making / anchoring of your focus for the next two hours.
  • We'll do 2-3 pomodoro sessions (either 25 minutes or 40 minute chunks).
  • For each session, each person shares what they're going to do, and then after we check in / celebrate how it went, with celebration dance / stretch / bio breaks in between.
  • We celebrate the heck out of whatever happened / you showing up for yourself.
  • You'll leave amazed with what you can accomplish with support & focus!

The intention : you take action on meaningful goals in a way that feels fun and embodied, supported by me & community!

Come play with me?

It's a two part process -- sign up for the time(s) you'd like, and pay :)


2) Pay:

For this offering, I'm experimenting with using open pricing for now. Chose an amount that feels good to you. When you give more, you support the accessibility of those who can't give as much so we can all support each other. What's it worth to you to really actually take action on that XYZ thing you've been stuck on? What amount will support you in REALLY showing up for these two hours?

Click here for guidance on choosing your price.



Q: What is a pomodoro?

A: Why, I'm so happy you asked! They're only my most favorite productivity technique ever. I'm a bit of a pomodoro proselytizer.

Here's how they work: you chose one thing to focus on for 25 minutes (or 40 minutes) and then take a 5 minute break, rinse and repeat. Our attention is so often so incredibly split between a million different things, which creates less productivity and more anxiety/overwhelm. There's science about this if you wanna go read.

It's called a pomodoro because it was named after a tomato kitchen timer. I don't really know about that history, but I like the alliteration of parallel pomodoro party, so we'll go with it.

This has been the best technique for me to cut through and immediately focus, even when I'm feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I can convince my brain that it's okay, I can work on that hard/scary/overwhelming thing if it's just going to be for 25 minutes.

You can read more about LifeHacker's detailed breakdown here.

Q: What do you mean "parallel"?

A: That we're working along side each other. Other people call this coworking. (Which somehow all my devices seem to auto correct to cowering... why is this, and can somebody fix it??)

Q: Why work together when we're doing our own work?

A: Support! Sometimes I can really focus on my own. Sometimes I can't. Almost always if I have focused coworking buddies I have more joy & focus. This might be true for you too.

Q: How is this in any way a party?

A: I think you can chose to make anything a party. Including work! The way in which we'll do this is our frame. I'm holding that this time can be magical. Because moving in the direction of your dreams and what you want is magical. And then in break time, it's time for connection to body & delight.

Q: What do you mean that it's queer / body / sex positive?

A: Doing our work is vulnerable. It sucks to be in spaces where folks say shit that invalidate your experience / frame because that could totally knock you off your rocker in terms of productivity. The opposite of why you came! I'll help hold a space that will not do that, and will really support you to the best of my ability. You do not need to identify as queer to come, but you do need to love the heck out of us and not ask questions about queerness / gender identity (there are other times & spaces for that, and if you have questions in advance about what I mean, email me). We'll be sharing pronouns, for example, and if you don't know why, read up on it here in this awesome seventeen article.

Q: What's going to be the ratio of work to socializing / chatting?

A: We will have a bit of time to say hi at the beginning, and then once we're in a focused session, we're FOCUSED. And then... we play! Break times mean time to rejuvenate.

Q: What does this have to do with Queer Body Love?

A: Loving ourselves and our bodies and each other takes work! This is meant to be a supportive container for your work. Your work could look like a wiiiiide variety of things.

It could be working on that creative writing you've been putting aside. It could be calling three vendors for an event you're organizing. It could be studying up on black revolution. It could be focused twitter research #ownyourvoice. It could be meditating. It could be self-study / reflection on what matters to you. If you'd like a 10-15 minute laser coaching session to help you determine what to work on either before or during the parallel pomodoro party, feel free to let me know. (This will also be open pricing.)


Pomodoro Parties with Elizabeth are teaching me the discipline, focus, perseverance, and straightforwardness I badly need for my business, all wrapped up in Elizabeth's genuine delight and enthusiasm to be getting down to principled work.... then celebrating it with a dance party. :)

The fact that I can dial in from anywhere means that there's zero commute for me to actually show up in a high-stakes, no-nonsense, total flow way to tasks that generate real trust from my clients and customers.

This is exactly what I needed in order to generate a higher level of confidence in myself to do more of what I care about, and spend less time shying away or hiding. In the last week alone, P^2 has led me to propose and sell bigger deals, pitch and tackle work I truly care about on a core values level, and show up 1000% to follow through for the clients I feel SO lucky to have.

Thank you Elizabeth.... and see you all at the E's next Pomodoro Party! -- Megan G.


Doing Parallel Pomodoros with Elizabeth was super-helpful. After checking in with her I jumped right away to a task that I was avoiding for weeks and worked so focused I couldn't believe 40 mins had passed when she told me! And the same happened with the second one :)

I really liked how she approached the 15 min break by standing up and guiding some stretching of our bodies. And the dancing celebration at the end was super-fun! I really wonder why I don't do that by myself more often, it felt great. This day was one of the most productive ones I had in a while, and I carried that nice feeling of accomplishment for the whole day :)

- Veronica S.