Queer Body Love 1-on-1 Daylong RETREAT!

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Personalized, Individual Retreat for Major Shifts with Gentleness

Your own personal, guided, one-day retreat, diving deep within yourself, held with gentleness and support, to find healing and your own answers. I talk with you and design, both in advance and throughout the day, based on what you’re needing.

This is a new Queer Body Love offering that I’ve been dreaming of for years. I’ve done three so far, and they’ve both been absolutely magical and fabulous. In one, we completely revamped how Vanessa related to work, value and time. In Emma’s daylong, she reclaimed her relationship to movement and exercise, which has been a source of deep pain for many years, so that she can connect to the power, worthiness and aliveness of her body. Sam worked on his relationship to feelings and food, taking the next step in his eating disorder recovery.


We can explore whatever is really up for you that’s ripe for transforming. The topic can be very “Queer Body Love”-esque, but it doesn’t have to be! We’d check in during the initial conversation about what you’re wanting to explore and how, and I’d share my thoughts / ideas to see if they blend with your desires.

Some ideas:

  • Beginning or deepening a nourishing relationship to food

  • Reclaiming your relationship to exercise/movement

  • Mapping out a plan for your personal and work priorities for the next year

  • Empathy at Work

  • Creating Fulfilling Relationships

  • Reconnecting with a sense of creativity and wonder

deep, personalized Support
& Accountability

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Sale Price Payment Plan Options:
two payments of $250
or three payments of $167

Full Price Payment Plan Options:
two payments of $325


Low Income Scholarships

If you’re low income and would like a scholarship, when you apply to chat, simply check the box that you’d like to apply, and I’ll send you a short income verification form. If your income is 80% or less than your state’s median income, you qualify for a 30% off scholarship. Scholarships awarded in the order of applications received, so if this is calling you, get yours in now! :)


Why a day-long retreat?

Because it will likely be unlike anything you’ve ever done before. And it may just blow your mind (see quote above.)

When’s the last time you set aside a day just for you?

And not only that, but a day where somebody else (me!) had their love and attention wholly and completely just on you and your transformation?

  • This is a significant commitment of resources (time, energy and money), and by you committing to it, you are signaling to yourself that it’s time. Time to do the work, time to be supported, and time to shift.

  • It will give you, and us, the spaciousness we need to really go deep so that you can make lasting shifts in your life.


Emma’s Thoughts on Her Queer Body Love Daylong Retreat


“The 1-on-1 Queer Body Love retreat with Elizabeth felt like a day out of time.

We created an altar, did meditations to support arrival, reflections, and exploration, and did a series of rituals and activities Elizabeth had both created and invited me to create with her. At each moment, I felt held, supported, and encouraged to take risks, explore, and play all in ways that felt healing and rejuvenating. Throughout the day, Elizabeth invited me to consider with compassion my old ways of doing things that have cause pain, in order to release their power and work toward letting them go. This created space to welcome in new ways of being, and each part of the day was nurtured by Elizabeth's questions, support and guidance.

I felt like I could deeply reflect on a part of myself that I didn't know how to support on my own, and Elizabeth was able to help me reveal the ideas I already had about how to make movement feel joyful. Since then, I have felt more embodied, and more often find myself listening to what my body wants or needs. 

I recommend thinking about this if you want to slow down, drop in, and explore something that you feel will bring you closer to yourself in a supported, creative environment. Especially if you've found yourself stuck in patterns of thinking that are hard to escape. Elizabeth's intuitive, responsive presence and facilitation, followed by text support and a final call to process and further reflect, plants powerful seeds for new more embodied ways of being to emerge.”

- Emma



San Francisco BAY AREA, USA : July - October 1, 2019
South Carolina possible in October, 2019


Have another idea in mind? Let me know!
We might be able to make it work.
(And, if it’s not one of the places above, you’ll be responsible for transportation costs for you & me.)


Next Steps:

  1. Fill out this application

  2. I’ll get back to you, we’ll schedule a no strings attached call to explore the possibility

  3. If it’s a good fit, we’ll schedule a time/place and make it happen!


Vanessa shares about her experience


I decided to do Elizabeth's daylong intensive after getting to know her during a workshop series for freelancers. Her energy, warmth, and supportiveness were apparent throughout the series and I deeply admired her commitment to providing such crucial services for queer people.

I was hesitant because working together for an entire day seemed like a luxury, like something I "shouldn't" need, but it was extraordinarily helpful and something I don't think I could have gotten any other way.

Elizabeth has an incredible intuition honed by years of thoughtful work for listening to and understanding others' needs and fears. She doesn't tell you what to do; instead, she asks great questions that prompt you to explore the answer for yourself.

I feel like I've shifted how I view major aspects of my life in a healthier way. I feel touched and supported and am grateful to have been able to receive such care from such a skilled and talented person.

Elizabeth is a truly exceptional person who deeply cares about people and has done extraordinary amounts of study to be able to provide high levels of personalized support.

Absolutely do it. Elizabeth is a gem and a treasure. Finding someone to do such personal work is hard and requires a lot of trust. Elizabeth is extremely capable of honoring and building on that trust.

— Vanessa Shen


You interested?


The first step is to set up a time for a chat. If it seems like it would be a good fit, we’ll set up a time and place! Regardless of your decision, the time we spend together can be healing.