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QBL2017 Retreat Photos-10.jpg

Retreat Application


Retreat Application

I look forward to receiving your application and will respond promptly!

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Application Process

1) Fill out this form
2) Chat with Elizabeth
3) Pay / set up a payment plan to register!


For the September retreat, application is open to all immediately.

For the November retreat, registration is open to people of color first, and open to all on September 12th. If you do not identify as a person of color and are interested in the November retreat, feel free to apply now, and we'll consider your application when registration opens to all on September 12th.

Application is rolling and participants are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Based on the past two retreats we're expecting this one to sell out, so if you're interested, we encourage you to apply now.

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Note: we're currently fundraising for subsidizing spots and do not yet have any. If you would need financial assistance in order to come, please check "other" and write about your situation in the questions or concerns box.
Will you help us support folks multiply marginalized (people of color, disabled folks and trans folks) to access this opportunity?
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