You think you don’t know, but you do.

So much that comes from outside of us tries to convince us and confuse us.

Within your heart you already know.

It’s just about developing the muscle of listening.

Historically, I’ve often gotten caught in confusion and anxiety, and lately something one of my mentors pretty much shouted at me...


...has continued to reverberate in my heart/body/mind. In a calling me forward kind of way.

And here’s a more gentle example of how another coach supported the connection with this sense of knowing within myself: in a coaching session, I started to dip into the mire of confusion, and my coach bestowed upon me a straw from the hotel drink station, saying “this is the straw of knowing” and asked me a follow up question. Suddenly, holding the straw, I knew the answer.

I heard this nugget of wisdom last weekend: “Intuition speaks in sentences. Ego speaks in paragraphs.”

If you notice yourself spinning, speaking to yourself in fragmented, long sentences that are masquerading as term papers, getting lost in confusion, connect with whatever will help you remember that you actually already know. Even if it’s that you know you need help, or need to sit with the question, or need to learn more so that you can make an informed decision. You know the next step.

This is one entry in the November Queer Body Love daily blog writing, where I will be exploring through writing what I see, think, pray, and question. I don’t know what liberation looks like, but I want that for you, and for us. This blog is me sharing a personal practice of being with the question of what that might look like in the hopes that it might be useful. If you're interested in personal support from me as your guide as you explore that in your own body and life, check out my newest 1-on-1 offering, SOFTEN. I can sit with you with so much love and compassion as you orient in the direction of more ease and comfort in your body and with yourself. Together we'll take a stand for new possibilities.