Because this exercise came up not just once but twice yesterday, I'd like to share it with you.

Also because yesterday I found myself completely spinning out, feeling frozen -- unable to move forward with my goals and unable to "do self care" in a conscious way.

When you're feeling stuck, there are so many different ways of navigating.

Today's suggestions for self-soothing and getting present when you're spinning out:

1) Do what is smallest and easiest.

2) Allow yourself to be guided & held.

So that's what I aim to offer with this mini, literally 3 minute guided meditation. (There are slight scratching sounds -- practicing imperfect action and letting this offering be easy for me to offer you.)

Attribution: My yoga teacher guided us in this exercise yesterday morning and shared that it comes from Somatic Experiencing. I'm not sure about the influences of the second person (Ije, from Turtle Tank) who guided me in it yesterday.

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