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Prioritize & Receive support
on Your Journey

Six months, oodles of love & personalized support from me so that you can feel more empowered, confident and loving towards yourself.

Queer Body Love in Community

In the fall of 2018 there are two weekend retreats where you will receive tools, support and inspiration to be empowered as your badass queer self in community. Not to be missed.

Sensorial meditation & coaching Sessions in Nature

30 minute sessions, limited availability in May & June 2018. Get clear on your next steps through meditation & coaching in nature.


Simple & Sweet
Guided Meditation

Be with yourself more lovingly through this cozy meditation. It's a permission slip to take 12 minutes for yourself without guilt. Transcript also available.

Interviews of Queer & Trans Leaders on Queer Body Love

Stories, ideas and inspiration for radically new ways of being with our bodies and ourselves.  As one listener wrote, “I want to listen to these videos over and over and over… it feels like freedom.”

Virtual Queer / Body / Sex Positive Coworking

Take action on meaningful goals in an embodied, focused, relaxed way, supported by me & community!